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Smarter Surveys
for Smarter Business

Who are your Customers? Are they Happy?

With Icebergh kiosks in your business, you capture data that would otherwise walk out the door.


The Smart Onsite Feedback Terminal

Actionable Feedback in Real-Time

Driven by A.I., Icebergh tracks key demographics, such as Age, Gender, and Emotion, without asking a single demographic question. Our interactive online dashboard allows businesses to view feedback in real-time

Make optimizations on the fly and/or track trends when you Dive Deeper with Icebergh.

Designed with the Customer in Mind

Icebergh surveys use advanced Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Metric Mapping to analyze respondents. Our platforms collects and analyzes respondents' answers, predicted age, gender, and EmotionIndex℠ without asking a single demographic question.


Interactive Reporting

Access your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Data is so much more than just a series of numbers. Icebergh’s data reporting provides in-depth analysis which can be used to detect trends and patterns, segment groups, and isolate outliers. Data from Icebergh provides a new set of powerful tools to understand and improve customer experience

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Setting Us Apart from Other Survey Solutions

Traditional Surveys vs Icebergh Smart Kiosks

Traditional Surveys Other Feedback Terminals ICEBERGH
Monthly price Varied $90 $60
What Makes Icebergh Better
Engage Customers
Custom Questions
Detailed Reports
Post-Event Response
Onsite Response
User Friendly Interface
Bio-Metric Mapping
Age Analysis
Gender Analysis
EmotionIndex Analysis
Unlimited Responses

Every Plan Includes All Premium Features


Artificial Intelligence

Data Reporting

inviting User Interface

Survey Customization

Survey Question Library

Tablet & Kiosk Options

On-site Accuracy

Best Practices Guide

Expert Survey Analysis


 Affordable for Your Business. Affordable for Your Event.

Affordable for You

Tier 1

$60/Per License
  • 1 to 9 Licenses
  • Perfect for:
  • 1 to 3 Locations & Small Events
  • Includes free tablet wall-mounts


Tier 2

$55/Per License
  • 10 to 19 Licenses
  • Perfect for:
  • Multiple Locations & Events
  • Includes free tablet wall-mounts

Tier 3

$50/Per License
  • 20+ Licenses
  • Perfect for:
  • Enterprises & Large Events
  • Includes free tablet wall-mounts

*Prices listed are per month. Discounts are available for prepaid annual contracts.
Please visit the pricing page for more info.

Our world is getting more complex

With each passing quarter, business is getting more competitive and decisions are coming with higher stakes. Before you make that next big decision that could affect the future of your company and the relationships with your customers, learn from your customers, get the highest quality data, and dive deeper with Icebergh