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Icebergh's onsite platform allows your customers to respond in real-time, rather than hours or even days later. Additionally, Icebergh is built with Artificial Intelligence - not only do we collect and report your customers' responses, but we also analyze age, gender, EmotionIndex℠. These critical data points give you a more holistic story behind survey responses.

EmotionIndex℠ is our proprietary measurement for tracking respondent emotions. Using the powerful data analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence systems and a calculated algorithm, we provide a quantifiable value indicating respondents' emotions. Our EmotionIndex℠ can be used over time to measure trends and changes in customer experience.

Yes! We offer tested templates, but questions can be fully customized. You decide what to ask and how to ask it. There's no minimum or maximum question count. We offer a variety of dynamic question-types (e.g. emojis, star-rating, single/multi-select, etc.).

Using Artificial Intelligence and bio-metric mapping, we can analyze your respondents' age, gender, and emotion analysis without asking a single demographic question in the survey. The process is a bit technical, but in short, we use biometric patterns to make highly accurate predictions.

Security is a top priority of Icebergh! The only information we continue to store and retain is survey answers, survey info (e.g. time/date, etc), and analyzed data. Any and all personal information - aside from predicted demographics - is permanently deleted from all of our systems. Responses are not connected to a personally identifiable individual, but rather to a set of points such as "Female, 35, Happy, 2:05pm, June 8."

Our data team visualizes data points for each question. We'll provide you with reports segmented by age, gender, emotion, and other various points that our data team view as significant. Additionally, we also provide you with a complete .csv file of results, so you can analyze the full data.

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No! Icebergh is perfect for any location with foot-traffic. It works well in retail locations, transportation hubs (e.g. airports), and hotels just to name a few.

We only report data that we have strong confidence in. If our analysis isn't conclusive, we do not add that data point to the set. However, the vast majority of our responses come with over 90% confidence on analyzed data.