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Steps to Better Feedback

Icebergh’s process for gathering valuable feedback is simple, but effective. We cover all the bases from installation to completion leaving you with more time to engage in your customers.

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Icebergh survey kiosks use advanced Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Metric Mapping to analyze respondents. Our platforms collects and analyzes respondents' answers, predicted age, gender, and EmotionIndex℠ without asking a single demographic question.

At its core, Icebergh is an onsite survey kiosk platform. Our surveys are customizable, creative, and user-friendly. Icebergh allows respondents to interact with the platform in real-time, providing accurate, immediate responses.

All of our plans come with free tablet mounts, and clients can use their own iPads or rent from Icebergh.



The Icebergh customer feedback platform allows for customization of surveys. Use any of our tested questions or create your own with five different question types, including the traditional smiley face feedback. With variable length, surveys typically consist of 1-10 questions. 

Displayed on the on-site kiosks, customers and guests have the opportunity to provide immediate feedback.




Our robust platform collects your respondents' answers while also running advanced AI processes and bio-metric mapping to analyze age, gender, and EmotionIndex℠. EmotionIndex℠ is our proprietary measurement of respondents' emotion based on AI data and algorithmic calculations. 

Privacy is our top concern. We take multiple steps to ensure secure data transmission and deletion of any personally-identifiable data. 




Your data is analyzed in real-time on our cloud-based platform. You'll receive an interactive data dashboard to track how an event performed across specific demographics and view overall results.

In addition to our interactive reports, you'll receive a copy of your full data-set so you can Dive Deeper into the results.


Features For Better Feedback


Our goal is to empower businesses to make informed decisions by giving them comprehensive customer feedback data. Icebergh offers unique features to make it the best onsite customer feedback tool of its kind.


Our Devices

Onsite success relies heavily on how users interact with the devices. With this in mind, we offer clients the option of using their own compatible devices or renting tablets.

All plans come with a free wall-mount for tablets. Enhancing customization, we also offer several other kiosk style through our partner network for an affordable upgrade fee.



As part of your Icebergh subscription, you’ll receive a free tablet wall-mount with the option to upgrade to premium models with special pricing.

We've partnered with select kiosk manufacturers to offer several upgraded mounting solutions. We offer both economy and premium models, each with sleek design and unmatched functionality. The premium kiosks include custom branding options.



Icebergh is specially designed for use with Apple iPad tablets. We encourage customers to use LTE-enabled iPads if being used in areas with unreliable WiFi service.

Additionally, Icebergh offers rental WiFi enabled iPads for a low monthly fee.