Icebergh Announces New Features

New Features

Icebergh is excited to announce new features and functions to our survey kiosk platform. Over the past year, we’ve been listening closely to the feedback and wishes of clients, prospects, and industry partners. Being a customer feedback platform, we have a heightened sense of the importance of these comments. Therefore, we made a commitment in early 2018 to enhance our platform based on the suggestions we’ve received and our own industry insights - a commitment that has now come to fruition with the formal release of our new features.

Outlined below are many of the exciting features that have been added to Icebergh this year. However, it is important to note that we also made some changes behind the scenes to improve our overall system architecture, data processing, and AI functions. While these changes do not result in a new “feature”, these background improvements add an even more robust backbone to the entire Icebergh platform.


Data Handling and Interactive Dashboard


We overhauled our data handling and visualization process to ensure accurate, actionable data reporting for clients. Working with our data analysis and engineering team, we’ve streamlined our internal data processing and transformed our reporting methods.

Now clients of Icebergh will have a dedicated data dashboard that is updated with new survey results. This dashboard has interactive filters and views, giving the ability to filter data points by date, age range, sex, and device. As always, clients will continue to receive complete .csv files of their data for further review.


Custom Branding

Icebergh now allows for custom logos displayed in the background of the Icebergh survey. This new feature ensures consistency and a seamless experience for consumers who will be greeted by a familiar brand logo (rather than Icebergh’s logo) on every question of the survey.

To further enhance consistent branding, the Icebergh platform now features customization of colors on all survey screens. That means every part of the survey that guests interact with are intentionally designed inline with the organization’s brand.   


Optional Welcome Screen

One comment we regularly received was the need for a more direct survey experience. Through this new release, our Welcome screen is now optional. Organizations can design their surveys to immediately engage with customers in a quicker fashion, by offering a familiar question-type, such as a smiley-face question or star rating.

Organizations have the flexibility to choose the best format based on kiosk location. This option is selected at the device level, meaning that organizations can select the option that works best in each kiosk location.



At Icebergh, we pride ourselves on having the most innovative and insightful data points and collection methods. In keeping with this standard, we created a powerful new tool to measure customer emotions: the EmotionIndex℠. Through the power of our existing AI foundation, Icebergh surveys are able to analyze subtle emotional response from guests. With our new EmotionIndex algorithm, this data is translated into actionable, insightful measurements.  

The EmotionIndex is measured on a 1-5 scale, derived from the overall the positive or negative emotions of survey respondents. Our data dashboard provides the option to view our EmotionIndex by age, sex, or location, providing organizations an unprecedented ability to accurately measure how customers feel about the service.

With emotion being a primary driver behind customer loyalty, our enhanced EmotionIndex is an invaluable measurement of performance.


Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the valuable tools that provide actionable insights. While we’re incredibly proud and excited to release these new features, our job is not done. As any good software, we will continue to enhance our offerings and improve our methods. This is only the tip of our Icebergh.

Do you have a feature you’d like to see in Icebergh? Contact - we’d love to hear from you!