Data - The New Oil

Data is the new oil

The extraction, exploitation, and refining of oil defined global financial and economic strategies throughout the 20th century. Nearly two decades in, it is clear that data will be the oil of the 21st century as companies strive to understand their customers in order to better tailor products and services.

Collecting and analyzing data is revolutionizing how businesses operate. Data is powering every facet of a business’s operation, much like oil did for the combustion engine a century ago. High quality and insightful data collection will be paramount to the success of innovative businesses thriving in this age of analytics.

Why? Data is so much more than a number or a percentage. It is insight into what makes your customers tick. You notice patterns, pick up trends, and understand how your customers feel about your business. This informs your business about what you are doing well and where you need to improve - which products and services are succeeding and which are falling short. Data gives you macro and micro snapshots of trends from a single brick and mortar store all the way to hundreds of stores across the country. Never before has detailed analysis on this large of a scale been possible and so easily accessible.

As things stand, eCommerce leads the way with data access and implementation, with the unrivaled ability to target and offer products specifically tailored to the customer. This gives eCommerce and mobile apps a powerful tool to optimize customer experiences. Critically, however, there is a significant void in collecting high quality in-person customer data for brick and mortar businesses. Icebergh offers an innovative solution to this problem.

If data is oil, Icebergh is the drill that you have been waiting for. Every customer that enters your hotel, restaurant, retail location or event is a potential source of valuable data. With Icebergh, you can collect and cultivate that in-person data in a way that has never before been possible.

By having our survey kiosks onsite, we ensure that every customer has a simple solution to provide instant feedback to your business. Your business has access to isolate specific data trends for specific locations. And with fully customizable surveys, you can ask location-specific questions that change over time.

Perhaps most critically, Icebergh’s advanced AI analyzes customer demographic information and emotions without asking a single demographic question. Icebergh gives you a powerful tool to capture actionable data that would otherwise walk out the door.

Successful businesses in the 21st century will be those that effectively use data to improve. Is your business relying on data? With an Icebergh kiosk in your business, you have the power to get a holistic understanding of your customers to succeed in this new age of data; or you could continue letting valuable data walk out your door.