Exploring Icebergh's EmotionIndex℠

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At Icebergh we pride ourselves on revolutionary data collection methods, including our use of Artificial Intelligence to analyze respondent demographics without tedious demographic questions. This feature already put Icebergh in a league of its own, but we are raising the bar for what a survey can do. We are proud to introduce our EmotionIndex℠. 

EmotionIndex is an innovative tool to measure customer emotions, integrated with the Icebergh survey system. Throughout Icebergh surveys, our advanced artificial intelligence runs emotional analyses of respondents using biometric mapping and machine learning to determine detailed respondent emotion. Our EmotionIndex algorithm analyzes this data, ascribing it a quantifiable value, then translating it into actionable insights in data reports provided to the Icebergh client. With EmotionIndex, you're given much more than just a count of happy customers.

What truly sets this apart is the standardization of data that EmotionIndex provides.  Even if survey questions are modified over time, EmotionIndex is a relevant comparative metric across all survey variations. This is invaluable for organizations looking to measure trends over time, sudden shifts in customer experience, and exemplary service. Like all Icebergh data, the EmotionIndex is kiosk-specific, meaning that you can zero-in on location-specific data. 

Icebergh is a game-changing survey platform with unique features aimed at giving organizations a tool to collect the best onsite customer feedback. With our EmotionIndex, we are able to provide a new layer of invaluable feedback data, truly Diving Deeper

Are you interested in seeing how Icebergh and our EmotionIndex℠ can enhance your organization's customer experience? Contact Icebergh today to get started for free!