Introducing Icebergh!



Welcome to Icebergh! We’re incredibly excited to finally share the product that we’ve been working on tirelessly. We set out on this journey in 2016 with a goal of integrating advanced technology into an essential piece of business analytics - customer satisfaction. Starting today, we’re proud to announce that our platform is ready to meet that goal.

So, what exactly is Icebergh? Icebergh is a turnkey feedback solution that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to track and analyze not only your respondents’ answers, but also key demographics, such as age, gender, and emotion. In less than one second, we analyze all of the important demographic information, without having to ask respondents a single demographic question.

At its core, Icebergh is an onsite survey platform. Our kiosks and tablets allow respondents to interact with the platform in real-time, providing accurate, immediate responses. Our surveys are customizable, creative, and user-friendly. While we start each survey build with one of our survey templates, you have the ability to modify, edit, add, and/or delete questions to make sure the survey meets your goals. You can even start from scratch, fully customizing your surveys with any of our question-types, such as emojis, stars, and open-ended responses.

You may be accustomed to traditional surveys, whether pen & paper based, post-event email-based, or in-app. While each of these can have their uses, none can capture immediate and accurate "in the moment" reactions as quickly and efficiently as Icebergh does. And if you still want to do a more traditional survey we've integrated a post-event email survey option as well, so you have the ability to capture longer-form feedback as well as the essential onsite responses.

The Icebergh team is dedicated to providing the very best in customer satisfaction feedback. We have the pleasure of working with an incredible team of developers and designers, business strategists, marketing specialists, and event-industry professionals. Together, we’re ready to bring the power of Icebergh to your next event, so you can “Dive Deeper”.