It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Do Your Customers Think So?

Intro: We've all heard it, retail is hurting. But, brick and mortar has benefits that e-Commerce still can't touch. The twinkle of the lights lining the buildings, the decorations hanging from the ceiling and staged throughout the store, the soft background of holiday music filling the aisles, and the ability to physically see and hold those gifts - ensuring you make the perfect pick. These are the reasons that make the experience of going to the store worthwhile.

The holidays are an essential time to connect with and understand your customers. What does your strategy look like? Icebergh can help you dive deeper into customer satisfaction insights with an onsite platform to collect immediate feedback.


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It is almost that time of year again. Expensive ad campaigns are on every street corner, television, radio, and webpage. Retailers aim to draw in customers with special sales and holiday themed marketing. The Holiday Season is in many ways “peak retail” where everything from children’s cartoons to Santa Claus is used to bring in and keep customers engaged. Retailers are trying to capture a feeling - a feeling that this time of year is a time like no other. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Now more than ever, it is imperative for brick and mortar to ensure that the feeling conveyed by ad campaigns is also felt by customers in store. As retailers enter the most crucial sales period of the year, customer satisfaction and customer retention are critical to a successful holiday season.

In the age of metadata, items in shopping carts, one click purchasing, and everything else e-commerce offers, in-person retail needs an edge. Currently, retailers have the in-person experience - the real ability to touch, feel, and interact with the gift for their loved one or friend. They have the (hopefully) friendly store clerk who will explain the intricacies of the product on-site. These are all important, as customers really care about these purchases - purchases that are being wrapped and given to loved ones. They want to make sure it is something special and memorable.

That special feeling of the holidays should be felt throughout every store. Every section, every department, and every employee should emulate the holiday spirit. If not, customers do have other options, further solidifying buying behaviors. As such, understanding customers and avoiding in-store dissatisfaction must be a priority during the holiday season.

How can retailers do this? Stores are not able to collect metadata the way a website can and they cannot send them an email to remind them that something was left in their physical shopping cart. Online retailers clearly have several advantages when it comes to customer satisfaction, but stores have a major advantage in this department and it is the same as the purchasing experience: the in-person experience. Retailers have the ability to connect with customers on a personal level and get instant in-person feedback. Enter Icebergh.

Icebergh is a customizable, onsite survey platform that uses artificial intelligence to collect and analyze important demographic and emotion data. The platform runs on a tablet, and can be setup in multiple locations throughout a retail location. Icebergh avoids having to ask customers all of the boring and tricky demographic questions, because Icebergh analyzes demographic data instantaneously in real time using bio-metric mapping. In short, we collect not only your respondents’ answers, but also demographic and emotional analysis. Every time a customer answers a question, Icebergh’s advanced artificial intelligence will analyze that customer’s age, gender, and emotional state in less than a second.

With Icebergh, retailers are able to gauge a customer’s emotional state as they move throughout the store, giving the ability to identify shortcomings in customer service that was previously not possible. Retailers can identify trends both good and bad. For example, Icebergh may report that women over the age of 40 are very happy with the shoe department, but women under the age of 25 are not. Or, maybe millennial men love the electronics department, but women 65+ do not. This level of data and feedback gives retailers an unprecedented window into the minds of their customers. Are people unhappy, but have no way of expressing it other than complaining to a manager? Are certain departments doing a better job than others at meeting the needs of customers? Put simply, Icebergh changes the game for retailers because customer happiness is now identifiable, verifiable, and quantifiable. There is a unique value to on-site customer engagement: retailers can track customer emotions to improve sales, and customers feel comforted knowing that they can leave instant feedback

As we move onward in the holiday season, think about what your store wants the holiday season to represent. Happiness, love, and joy are advertised, but when customers walk in the doors, is that what they feel? With Icebergh, you can know. And just as importantly, when customers see an Icebergh kiosk inquiring about their opinion, customers will feel comforted knowing there is a resource for immediate feedback. This is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Make sure your customers feel that way.