New Year's Resolution: Connect with Customers


After a whirlwind and exhilarating 2017, we now enter the new year of 2018. Every new year brings about the potential for new beginnings and new opportunities for your business: New customers, new experiences, new products, new services, and new insights loom on the horizon.

While this year brings with it a lot of promise, it is important to also acknowledge the obstacles on the road ahead. Retail industries are facing the stark realities of challenges brought about by e-commerce. Grocery stores are facing newfound competition in the form of innovative competitors. The transportation industry juggles new challenges wrought by digitization and viral feedback. The hospitality industry faces more demanding customers than in years past. The healthcare industry faces an aging baby boomer cohort with ever-increasing medical concerns. Conferences and events are fighting for people’s time more than ever before. And yet, at the center of all of these challenges is the X-Factor: customer feedback.

No matter the industry, the importance of understanding what makes your customers tick is critical to your company’s 2018 success. Figuring out what customers like, what they dislike, what their habits are, what changes they would like, and if they enjoy doing business with your company make all the difference in retaining and growing your customer share. If your company seriously commits to acquiring actionable and detailed customer feedback in 2018, you’re off to a great start. Industry research points to quantifiable improvements in revenue and customer retention resulting from actionable data.

Icebergh is the tool that allows you to get the quality customer feedback that is ever-so valuable to your company’s success in 2018. Icebergh does several things that other survey platforms do not. Icebergh combines the customization of an online survey, with the ease and simplicity of a touchscreen onsite kiosk, and the incredible power of machine learning AI. Ask customers whatever questions you want, wherever you want, and instantly discover who your customers are. Our advanced machine learning AI technology avoids asking tedious demographic questions that dissuade people from answering surveys. This allows you to ask questions that actually focus on the customer experience, while still gleaning important demographic data with every answer. 

In this month of New Year's Resolutions, we at Icebergh challenge companies to make a bold resolution for 2018: focus on what your customers want. Listen to your customers closely and allow your customers to give you quality onsite customer feedback so you can learn how to make your company better. It may not be as flashy as losing weight or giving up sweets, but this is a New Year's Resolution we KNOW we can help you follow through on. So start 2018 off right: Ask your customers the important questions, learn from customer feedback, and through it all, Dive Deeper with Icebergh.