Why an On-site Survey Kiosk for Customer Feedback Matters


As a retailer in a world of sabermetrics, advanced analytics, and market research, understanding what retail customers want and how they feel about your service is more important than ever. Simply asking customers for feedback can oftentimes be the first step to improving your customer service. Without effort on the side of the retailer, it’s difficult to collect real data. Why? Well, customers might not know where or how to leave feedback. Customers might not have the time to fill out a survey afterward. And many times, customers are not prompted to leave feedback, so the idea does not cross their mind. Think of every customer that doesn’t leave feedback as a missed opportunity to learn something about your customers and their impression of your service. 

Beyond the invaluable information you glean from customer feedback, having a visible and obvious feedback solution also serves to show that you care enough to actually ask the questions. Customers are quite willing to provide feedback, when prompted. Industry studies have found that “if asked, approximately 71 percent of customers will leave a review for a business”, but only 1 in 26 unhappy customers will seek out an avenue to bring attention to problems. People, by their very nature, are opinionated and providing feedback is a simple way to share their opinions about your business. By giving customers an easy and accessible outlet to share that feedback, you are providing them an opportunity to guide your business to a stronger customer experience.  

Moreover, asking questions and getting answers from your customers allows you to act on the information you are given. If you are testing out a new sales policy in a certain department that customers respond positively to, that may be a sign to expand the policy to other departments. Conversely, maybe certain demographics are responding negatively to certain questions, and as such improving those areas is necessary. By asking the question, you are giving yourself a chance to improve.

Improving your access to data is a crucial part of improving your overall customer service experience. Experts in customer relations have found that the best way to improve how customers view your service is to make changes based on the insights that are provided by customers. Allowing your customers to clearly articulate their concerns is a “low hanging fruit” to improve satisfaction, showing that the customer’s voice matters.

In-store feedback tools, such as Icebergh, provide efficient solutions to offering and collecting this data. Icebergh provides a seamless, comprehensive, and simple on-site survey kiosk solution for your customers to provide quality feedback that automatically learns key demographic data from respondents. Our data and AI technology allow you to isolate for specific patterns in certain sections of your store and by respondent demographics. Perhaps most importantly, Icebergh empowers you to accurately measure on-site feedback, allowing you to quickly understand if you are meeting the needs of your customers. 

Forget having to rely on your employees accurately relaying customer feedback to management or trusting outdated survey methods. We live in a constantly shifting retail landscape in which retailers need to adapt and meet the needs of their clients in order to be successful as they fight for every customer. Showing customers you value their feedback goes a long way towards winning them over. Dive deeper and try Icebergh’s survey kiosk technology to show your customers you care.