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Icebergh was built for customers across all industries. With dynamic environments and limited time to interact with guests, Icebergh's ability to collect detailed feedback that can be segmented and analyzed is essential. Our sleek, user friendly platform provides customers an onsite, immediate solution to provide feedback.


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With the rise of eCommerce, the success and survival of brick & mortar retailers is dependent on their ability to connect with and understand customers. Unlike eCommerce stores that have access to data for nearly every customer, brick & mortar retailers don’t have an efficient method for capturing and analyzing consumer data.


Department Stores

How would you find the cause of a steep drop in male customers? Icebergh kiosks will be used to track pain-points for various demographic groups throughout the store to understand the root of the problem.



Grocery Stores

Your grocery store chain wants to improve customer experience and ensure stability and growth in the age of eCommerce. With Icebergh survey kiosks you can collect feedback throughout multiple locations and track how various departments and brands are performing.


Food and Drink

Whether a café, quick-service location, or a dine-in restaurant, understanding customer reactions is crucial to the long term success of business. Feedback on the menu, friendliness of staff, and quality of service are critical data points that your business needs to capture. With an onsite platform, that data won’t walk out the door after each meal.



Are you seeing a drop in foot traffic in one of your restaurant locations? Maybe you want to see how new menu items are being received. Icebergh’s various question types make it easy to receive quick, actionable feedback across demographics while the memories are still fresh.



Quick Service / Café

Your customer face-time is limited, but their loyalty is critical. How are you ensuring that they’re leaving satisfied? With an onsite platform, it may only take a few seconds for your customer to answer a survey, but the data you’ll receive can inspire major improvements.


Events & Conferences

You spend months planning an event and thousands of dollars securing speakers. Hundreds, if not thousands of guest pour into your conference. How are you tracking results? Collecting data on-site with kiosks throughout the exhibit halls and sessions provides unparalleled opportunities to secure in the moment feedback.


Large Events

Your international conference with 50,000 attendees saw a 10% drop in women year over year. How do you isolate the reason why? Icebergh analyzes which sessions are most effective, how well networking events are received, and if the $75,000 keynote speaker is connecting with the audience.



Small/Mid-sized Events

A prestigious regional event of 200 industry professionals is held biannually. In the past, data was collected after the event via email surveys; however, a low response rate led to a lack in understanding of how the event is progressing. Icebergh’s Smart Kiosks allows you to collect actionable feedback on-site in real time.


The hustle and bustle of a busy transportation hub, such as an airport, train station, or bus terminal, can leave passengers with mixed emotions. Only Icebergh provides you the opportunity to collect and analyze these emotions, along with many other data points.


International Airport

After completing a large, multi-year renovation, airport leadership need to ensure that guests are reacting positively to the changes. Icebergh kiosks placed throughout the new terminal collect response data to track satisfaction, along with our EmotionIndex℠ to measure the reduction in passenger stress.



Regional Transit Hub

A regional transit terminal introduced several new bus carriers last year. The carriers are often receive passenger feedback rather than the terminal. Limited data received by the terminal leaves the transit hub in the dark. Icebergh kiosks placed throughout the hub ensures traveler feedback gets to the hub’s management.


We’re living in a review revolution where opinions are voiced, often passionately, across digital outlets. More than ever, customer experience and customer service can largely impact the success of any hotel, resort, casino, or other hospitality property. Needless to say, it’s important for businesses to have a complete picture of how guests are feeling before those feelings hit the web.



A boutique hotel in a popular area always saw customer service as their distinguishing factor. Recently they've seen several below-norm reviews. The hotel puts a focus on connecting with guests by any means. Icebergh keeps with the trendy theme of the brand and provides vital feedback as they identify areas for improvement.