Icebergh Surveys

Icebergh provides a variety of dynamic question-types to offer highly customized surveys. Whether you're collection traditional multiple choice answers or modern smiley-face emoji responses, Icebergh surveys are designed to provide accurate, actionable customer data.


Question Types



Single Select

The Single Select question type is your basic multiple choice question.  Use this question for Yes or No options or other single-option questions.

You can add up to 10 answer options for each Single Select question.


Multi Select

The Multi Select question type gives respondents up to four options/answers to choose from.  Respondents can select multiple options.

Effective uses would be to ask customers to identify the sections of a store where they shopped or to identify which sessions guests attended at a conference.

You can add up to 10 answer options for each Multi Select question.



Emoji - Smiley Face

Our emoji options offer users an interactive and playful way to provide feedback. While many survey systems use smiley faces as an indicator of emotion, Icebergh uses them at face value (no pun intended), as our advanced AI technology analyzes actual respondent behavior. 


Star Rating

This classic review-style question allows respondents to rate your products or services on a 1-5 star scale. Star ratings give you insight into your company's overall performance in the eyes of the customers.


Slider Rating

Our slider is an interactive question-type that allows for users to rate your services on a scale of Very Poor to Very Good. Our intuitive, user friendly slider is sure to be a valuable source of data.


Open Ended/Free Response

Provide your customers the option to share their comments immediately on-site. Using the on-screen keyboard, respondents can write their comments to supplement survey answers.